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             ** 2015/2016 CALENDAR CHANGES ARE HERE **
(as of Dec 2015) **

NOTE:  As of right now the calendar is up-to-date, however, changes to the dates are subject to change based on the need of Third Church. 

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Barefoot Living Ministries, located in Richmond, Virginia, uses the fine arts to fulfill our tagline that comes from Exodus 3:3-5.

“Moses said, ‘Why doesn’t the bush burn up?’
God called to him out of the bush, ‘Moses! Moses!’
He said, ‘Yes, I’m right here!’
God said, ‘Don’t come any closer. Remove your sandals from your feet.
You’re standing on holy ground.’”

(Exodus 3:3-5 - from The Message)

There are several varieties and formats of programs under the umbrella of BLM, a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) corporation. Programs like The Great Dance and The Exhibition Team use the teaching tool of dance to offer insights to teens into community, discipline and the joy of following God. In our Hand In Hand classes, married couples discover the wonder of leading and followingeach other in a way that ultimately depicts our relationship with God.

We invite you to step into the life-changing experience where being led by God becomes an intimate, refreshing, day-to-day way of life. At Barefoot Living, people across the generations have tasted firsthand the dance of life as God designed it, worshiping and enjoying Him on holy ground.

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** To provide opportunities to develop friendships and dance skills in a secure Christian environment.

** To use ballroom dance to teach social and etiquette skills.

** To promote servant leadership and joyful surrender in all relationships including marriage.

** To foster a desire to be aware of God’s presence in all of life and enjoy A Way of Life….on Holy Ground.

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To use ballroom dance to teach character and leadership skills while strengthening marriages and families in an encouraging Christian environment.

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The feet of those in a barefoot army get dirty as they go forth in mission. Although the work is hard and being tough is a necessity, Jesus set an example to wash one another’s feet. This humble posture is a reminder of our responsibility of service to others. Bare feet are susceptible to all the landscape has to offer. As a result they are sensitive, yet durable.

Going barefoot represents the ultimate in comfort and freedom… so is life in the Kingdom. Living with awareness that we are before a Holy God, street-smart, tough and fighting trim, available to do what He asks, humble before Him, and sensitive to His still small voice. Experiencing life with freedom, peace within, and security in Him. Barefoot Living Ministries teaches life skills for Kingdom living.

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BLM’s Community Covenant revolves around God’s Golden Rule..................

"Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them".
- Matthew 7:12 (NKJ)

To promote the standard of Matthew 7:12 and the goals of Barefoot Living Ministries, this followingCommunity Covenant has been created to set the standard for which all should act. Therefore, the following unbiblical conduct is not permitted. Anyone observing behavior inconsistent with the below BLM guidelines shall notify a BLM office representative.

Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Offensive language, gestures, or other forms of communication such as profanity, sexually suggestive remarks, language that humiliates, shames, threatens or degrades one’s self or others, jokes at other’s expense, slurs, writings or drawings that are offensive and likely to offend.
  2. Offensive physical actions including unwarranted and unwelcomed advances or touching of others, whether sexually suggestive, provocative, violent, reckless, etc. In general, physical contact and actions shall be limited to what is called for and required for dancing as directed by BLM office representative.
  3. Objects of any kind that may be considered dangerous, unlawful, or that do not pertain specifically to the BLM program or event are not allowed. When in doubt . . . leave all such items at home.
  4. Clothing that is suggestive, provocative, or that displays or promotes offensive language, messages, or ideas. Clothing for all BLM programs and events shall be modest and appropriate for the occasion.
  5. Bringing or discussing inappropriate materials, sharing inappropriate intimate details of one’s personal life or intimate displays of affection.
  6. While dating among students is a potential outside of BLM events, that public display of affection or showing of any physical relationship is prohibited in all BLM events.  BLM Board of Directors, Volunteers, Assistants, Teachers, Employees, Artistic & Production Team Members, and Parents are prohibited from dating BLM student Participants unless approval is secured from both sets of parents and BLM office representative has been informed.

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Co-Director – Cindy Ferrell. Cindy joined BLM in 1999 as a bookkeeper, a BLMboard member, as well as to support her son, Tyler. In 2009 Cindy stepped into the Co-Director role and is currenly serving each TGD night.

Co-Director – Cheryl Richardson. Cheryl started out as a helping mom for her 5 daughters and 2 sons and eventually joined the BLM staff as a part-time office administrator in 2008. Cheryl is currently serving faithfully each TGD night.

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As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, Barefoot Living Ministries, Inc. is governed by a board of directors.
To communicate with the board, please contact mailto:jayrichardson22@hotmail.com@

Current 2012 BLM board members are:

          Jay Richardson (Chair)
          Greg Johns              
          Malcolm Shealy
          Keith Brooks
          Pam Brooks
          Will Balantine 


"The Goal of Barefoot Living Ministries is the development of whole and effective Christians who will positively impact the church, society, and the world around them for the glory of God and His Kingdom. God's love and law are the standard by which to evaluate behavior. Through God's creation of dance, and using God's Word as our guide and standard, we seek to honor God in all our words, thoughts, deeds, and actions."
- The Board of Directors

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Julie Richardson – Lead Dance Teacher, M&M Coordinator, Exhibition Leader
Merry Richardson –Lead DJ, Dance Teacher
Dori Richardson – Dance Teacher
Mr. Malcolm Shealy - Advanced/Intermediate Dance Teacher


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The Exhibition Team, led by Julie Richardson, uses their knowledge and love of dance as a way to cross multi-generational boundaries. They travel across Virginia to different retirement and assisted-living facilities to help bring a sense of nostalgia to the residents. As the men and women from the Exhibition Team ask the residents to dance, their eyes light up, their minds wander, and they are transported and swept away, if even for a brief moment, to another place.

If you want Barefoot Living Ministries’ Exhibition Team to come see you, please call Cindy or Cheryl in the office at (804)630-1807 or email them at office@barefootliving.org.